Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Slow Motion Career Suicide

I love Goldfrapp, but I think their management/record company is insane. Mute US delayed the US release of "Supernature" for half a year so "the band could tour and promote" the album properly in North America but over a month after the album's delayed release there have only been two US dates and one tv appearance. Earlier this week I received an email from ticketmaster bot that is supposed to notify me about any Goldfrapp tickets going on sale which they were about to at 10 that morning. Some of the mystery was cleared up by this recent myspace bulletin:

we are very sneakily activitating ticketmaster for the yet to be announced dates in San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. Will try to be sneaky with the upcoming East Coast visits as well. Stay tuned m'deers!!

: Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they are finally doing some live US dates, but isn't the point of promoting a band to get people to know about the concert?

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