Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Little Respect

Hardcore synthpop duo Erasure did the unthinkable last week and released the synth free acoustic/country album "Union Street" last week. Now I have nothing against experimentation or even completely changing styles if you can make it interesting, but this album is an example of getting things horribly wrong. Revisiting overlooked tracks from the bands twenty year history "Union Street" dries up what little inspiration it had going into it after just a few tracks to becomes horribly monotonous. There once was a time that Erasure was a commercially smarter band that would have known better to than to stick to their guns over an album that they just didn't have the passion for. Oh well. A fairly recent audio interview with Andy Bell at Retroforward Radio confirms an upcoming b-side compilation, a "fractured fairy tales" album and a new proper album in the works. Why the few interesting tracks from "Union Street" couldn't be worked into one of those projects is beyond me.


Jebb said...

I really enjoy the intricate arrangements on Union Street -- it's more than just "Erasure Unplugged." Would I prefer this over another Night Bird? Perhaps not, but I'm glad they did it.

Great blog name, by the way.

Daft Monk said...

Thanks for the comment. I seem to be in the minority of fans when it comes to "Union Street" so I'm glad others are liking it but I've given a few more listens and still can't get into it.

Thanks for the link to your blog, I'm enjoying it.