Friday, April 14, 2006

International Dateline

News from Ladytron:

Our new EP/DVD is out now, featuring unreleased tracks and mixes, the promo clips to Destroy... and Sugar, plus the 'Once upon a time in the East' mini-documentary.
Witching hour is finally on Vinyl now too, those folks at Ryko have been busy.

: Their record company has come under fire quite a bit recently by fans who think they blew the "Witching Hour" release so it's amusing that the band (or whoever runs their myspace profile) are defending them even as they announcing a new EP as "out now" without any advance notice or promotion. Here's the "Extended Play" tracklisting:

1: High Rise [Club Mix] (6:09)
2: Nothing to Hide (3:51)
3: Weekend [James Iha Mix] (4:02)
4: Sugar [Jagz Kooner Mix] (5:25)
5: Citadel (3:54)
6: Destory Everything You Touch [Catholic Version] (4:45)
7: Tender Talons (3:31)
8: Last One Standing [Shipps & Tait Mix] (3:47)
9: Destroy Everything You Touch [DVD]
10: Sugar [DVD]
11: Once Upon a Time in the East: Ladytron in China

UPDATE: You can stream the EP here for the next week.

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xolondon said...

They just did a nice remix for Goldfrapp's "Fly Me Away" which is onthe import single. May be on 7 Digital, but I haven't checked.