Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's The Sure Shot

Legendary producer Arthur Baker has a new import single "Glow" (featuring Tim Wheeler of Ash) that has just been released and he's done a little press for it explaining the difference between a great track and a great song, that he has "always been into disco, hip hop and rock 'n' roll", and why he's started Return To New York parties:

Well, just the fact that I wanted to show the kids where this electro-punk-funk thing really came from, which essentially was from New York in the '80s and London in the '80s too. It was important to introduce music to people who may not have been aware of it or where it came from. If you look at MySpace and the influences the kids put down, a lot of them are from back in the 80s. So, I thought that it was important for me to do that and make that connection.

: "Glow" and a few of his latest productions can be heard at his myspace page. The man still has the touch.

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