Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lightning Round

This past week has seen more news and newly released songs than I've had time to blog about so here is what's caught my attention.

  • Goldfrapp: Announced an US exclusive remix album will be out in October. Perhaps this is another limp attempt by Mute US to make up for it's utter failure to promote Goldfrapp or even digitally release any of the "Supernature" singles apart from the teaser "No 1" ep but I find it telling that if you do a google news search that you find that the vast majority of the press coverage of the "We Are Glitter" announcement is in UK publications. Only a couple of American news sources have picked up on it because no one knows why they should care. You're doing a great job Mute! While we're talking stupid promotion, do the handlers of Goldfrapp's myspace know that if you post a blog everyone can read it? Why are they sending bulletins about new singles, remix albums and tour dates but not letting the more casual fans who haven't made the band their "friend" know?

  • Dangerous Muse: There's a new song "Give Me Danger" that can be streamed on their myspace that expands ever so slightly on the subdued synthpop pallet they've established with their previous three songs. They've got my attention and I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the EP the song features on when it's released at the end of the month. Listen for a high-pitched synth that almost exactly echoes the main riff of Depeche Mode's "New Life" at 3:08.

  • Scissor Sisters: "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" has hit the blog world like a hurricane this past week as every upbeat song about feeling down should. The chorus is great and it's hard to believe that a song more 70's anything released in 70's comes from a band that has roots in the electroclash scene. Go figure. I'd post a link to the video but if you look for it on youtube you will discover that it was "removed at the request of copyright owner RIAA". Who will the record company blame when "Ta-Dah" flops in the US? Not their legal department that is putting the kabosh on fans promoting a new single that might create some buzz for a band just outside the mainstream's radar. Perhaps listening to the 1:12 sample of the song available on the official myspace will get people interested.

  • Luke Haines: I thought I was ahead of the curve when I discovered that the former Auteur and Block Box Recorder had a new track produced by Richard X only to find that XO beat me to it by several days. "Off My Rocker At The Art School" is a bit by the numbers for a Richard X production but the lyrics are a daft which is a good thing. Stream it at Luke Haines myspace and while you're there check out his work with The Auteurs and their song "Lenny Valentino" which is one of my favorites of the mid-90's.

  • Client: They recently revamped their myspace with some stunning new photos that demonstrate new dimensions to their distinct looks and play up the band's newly added third members alternate career as a model. Their blog links to video of them performing live in Mexico which makes for a fascinating watch if only to see one of the show's hosts wearing a Joy Division shirt. More importantly they've added their fantastic single "Rock And Roll Machine" from their first album as a free download.


xolondon said...

Considering that MTV does not play videos and would never play Scissor Sisters, I don't see how the video is really some sort of top secret owned content. Music videos should be promotional devices. The RIAA does what the companies tell them, but that doesn't keep me from being annoyed by their antics.

I am SURE there will not be enough coverage of Luke Haines, so everyone should do a post.

As for Goldfrapp. MEH to their lameass record company that shoves CDs at us instead of the real thing on a tour, doin' it the old fashioned way. BTW the remix cover sucks.

Daft Monk said...

What's even more troubling is that riaa and their record company have not only shut down the video but the video of the band performing live. Do they really think someone who would potentially be interested in spending money on a song would change their mind because they found a low audio quality video of a live version. That's madness to me.

I'm right there with you on Goldfrapp. They need to properly tour and slowly release singles. That's how you sustain an album right? You're totally spot on about the remix disc's cover- it's got the uglies.

xolondon said...

That is strange because the labels do not own the rights to live performances, the artist does. So that would be coming from the Scissors mgmt.