Saturday, August 12, 2006

Breaking Boundaries

TrusttheDJ has a new Skrufff interview with Tiefschwarz which touches on their approach to a high profile career creating remixes, the cost of living in London and the tides of techno and house before finishing with something I agree with completely:

Electroclash was a very important movement because it broke down some boundaries. It was something fresh that appeared from behind, no-one expected it to become so strong, it was like a hurricane. It helped get rid of all this high end... superstar DJ behaviour. The combination of rock and electro along with this naughty dirty trashy element was so important for music in general. It was so refreshing and it made music more sexy again. It brought girls back onto the dance floor and it was not so stereotype as before.. it was very close to fashion, it was perfect- it was a very creative moment in music. I’m super-happy that it happened.

: Youtube is a bit short on Tiefschwarz videos but you can watch a craptastic clip for "Wait & See" or enjoy this homemade video for "Warning Siren" to get a sense of what they are about.

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