Saturday, July 29, 2006

Get Your Fash On

Ellen Allien's work with Apparat brought about the most compelling idm album of the year so far with "Orchestra Of Bubbles", but Allien is more than a producer, dj and label boss. She's also a former fashion student who had music derail her initial career choice. Now she's following in the illustrious footsteps of Jay-Z, Puff Daddy and Gwen Stefani and taking the leap into the fashion world. Here's what her site has to say about her summer line:

Fashion, music, art, traveling, existence. Exploring the whole globe, street life, feeling the world on the skin. Ellen Allien develops her own intuition for material, forms and fashion. She’s a DJ, producer and an artist.

In cooperation with Markus Stich in 2006 she created on her own body the kind of fashion she would wear and wears. The femaleness is playfully accentuated – without being unwearable. Ironing is forbidden.

(via Beat Freax)

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