Saturday, July 22, 2006

Out Of My League

Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr put much of their musical energy in the 90's towards their joint project Electronic and that band's upcoming greatest hits collection has been generating some well justified buzz. The announced tracklisting looks promising featuring UK chart topping singles and outstanding albums cuts with an amazing b-side that would bring me phone calls everytime I played it on my college radio show.

Forbidden City
Getting Away With It
Get the Message (Single Mix)
Feel Every Beat
Disappointed (Single Mix)
Vivid (Radio Edit)
All That I Need
For You
Imitation of Life (New Edit)
Out of My League
Like No Other
Twisted Tenderness
Late At Night (Radio Edit)


xolondon said...

It is missing my two fave songs: Make It Happen and the poptastic When She's Gone.

Daft Monk said...

Those are definitely two of the better "Twisted Tenderness" tracks- your comment made me revisit "When She's Gone" and it's a damn good track. If this were really a complete compilation they would have put on their second most amazing b-side "I Feel Alright", the promo-only 4th "Raise The Pressure" single "Until The End Of Time" and I love "Freefall". At least this is getting a domestic release.