Saturday, May 20, 2006

Think About It

Information Society has reformed with somewhat different lineup that no longer includes singer Kurt Harland who recorded an album by himself as InSoc in the late 90's. Grave Concerns seems to have the first interview with the reformed band:

Paul: You know, early on we had a lot of highfalutin' ideas about being a "collective" and branching out into different industries and things like, which is sort of what happened actually. And there are "old Insoc" fans and "new Insoc" fans, and people who liked both eras...For some people, Information Society IS Kurt Harland (as says), but I think a lot of people just liked the songs, and hopefully a lot of people will like the new songs too.

Sonja: That while Paul and James are moving with the times and bringing a new contemporary presence to INSOC, they are very integral and committed to the style and esthetic of the original INSOC. Chris and I respect that as well and wish to uphold that while being in the present moment with it.

: Stream a couple of songs from their forthcoming album on the band's myspace page.

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