Monday, May 22, 2006


It's out today. The album obvious leaked some time ago which was inevitable since PopJustice reviewed the album back in December. There are a few great reviews and thoughts on the album such as xolondon's posts on "Fundamental" and Tremble Clef's amazingly detailed five part analysis of the album to keep you interested. Sticking to my no imports policy (last violated when it became apparent that PSB's "Battleship Potempkin" soundtrack was never getting a US release) I'm waiting for the US release on June 27, and I have a feeling that will get an itunes exclusive early release in the next couple of weeks and I would suggest you wait too so American record companies have an incentive to still release albums from artists with cult followings. However if you can't wait I understand.


Jebb said...

I just had my first listen to Fundamental this morning (apparently Amazon routed my import through Afghanistan), and my initial reaction is disappointment. I instantly loved both the "I'm with Stupid" b-sides, and I didn't get that kind of initial excitement from anything on Fundamental except maybe "Integral." Oh, well ... Maybe this one will be a grower. I'll be posting a review in a week or so.

Daft Monk said...

I look forward to reading your take on it since you did a good job seeing through the "Playing The Angel" hype and give it an honest review. As for what I've heard off the new PSB it hasn't all been their most immediate work, but I didn't like "I'm W/Stupid" at first and it's grown on me. I'll probably have more to say at the end of the month when it gets that US release.

Jebb said...

OK, I've warmed up to it ... There are five songs I like a lot: Psychological, Minimal, Stupid, Twentieth Century and Integral. Still kinda disappointed, though. It's not the album the early buzz from folks like Popjustice led us to believe. My review is up.