Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Everything I Am

I received a myspace bulletin today from futurepop project Invisible Ballet unmasking the greatest mystery since the identity of Deep Throat:

Many of our friends don't know this, but Invisible Ballet is actually 2/3 of another band called Halou! Rebecca and Ryan Coseboom of Halou recorded the Invisible Ballet album under the pseudonyms Lee Ryan and Lin Chen.

: I had speculated that the two groups were one in the same even before they mentioned that Ryan was involved as Invisible Ballet's producer, but the whole alias thing threw me off the scent. Of course the timing of this revelation has everything to do with Halou's new album being released yesterday. Read my previous Halou post to see why I adore them so much and click by their myspace page to hear songs from the new album.

Halou's "Wholeness & Separation" can be streamed here until June 3.

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