Sunday, May 14, 2006

Legends In The House

The new Pet Shop Boys album is just a week away from it's European release and most of the blogs I read have mentioned something related to "Fundamental" in the past week or so. I'm a fan so I'm a bit late getting in on the action. Here are some video of interview clips done for British TV:

PSB On "Pop World"
PSB On BBC1 Breakfast News
The most amusing one I've found is this T4 clip with an interviewer the youtube submitter accurately refers to as "ghastly". The best bit is when Chris can't help but laugh at her.

Preview clips of "Fundamental" can be found here and you might be interested to hear that "I'm With Stupid" entered the UK Single Chart at number 8 this week. The US release is still unconfirmed, but I received a bulletin from an unofficial myspace profile announcing that the new album will be "out July 27th".

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