Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Final Countdown

In the tradition of three-day weekend radio specials Live 105 counted down their "Top 500 Songs" as submitted by listeners to the station's website. It was refreshing to see that the nu-metal that dominated the station's late-90's/early-00's playlists was largely absent proving that they shouldn't have been playing it in the first place.

The station has been fairly interested in playing mashups and three of them made it on to the countdown. Not too bad when someone is saying their favorite song is actually two unrelated ones. The highest entry of the electronica-era ('96 to 00-something) came in at #124 (The Prodigy's ode to domestic violence) but the genre did fairly well with a number of tracks charting mid-countdown. Imagine if the station had played more than the ten songs or so that got any airplay during the five year long electronic prohibition during the mid-90's. New Wave one-hit wonders did surprisingly well as Alphaville* broke in the top 25, one position ahead of "Enjoy The Silence", with Ah-ha* and When In Rome also making notable appearances.

Depeche Mode proved, once again, that they are the most popular electronic band played on the station. Nine of their songs made the list with four of them in the top 100. New Order's "Blue Monday" was the top electronic song at #4, and the band did fairly well with four songs on the list as NO striking again at #17 as Joy Division with "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (which is probably the song least played by the station to make the top 100). It was also interesting to see how bands respected "importance" balanced out against their "hit power" on the trip hop spectrum with Portishead falling behind The Sneaker Pimps on a chart with no Massive Attack. Does it mean anything about the quality? No, but it's interesting.

* I know they are still around but there's only one other song Live 105 has ever played and that hasn't happened for over a decade.

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