Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Take The Side Streets Home

Saint Etienne finally saw their most recent album released State-side this past week and what an amazing return. While I've kept tabs on the band over the years I have found myself less enthusiastic about their more recent outings, and I am pleasantly surprised to see this one buck the trend. On paper "Tales From The Turnpike House" should be the band's most bloated work given that it is a concept album with songs written from the point of view from various residents of a low income London apartment building and they dared to fully go "rock" on a track or two. However, this is the band's most consistent and accessible album since "Tiger Bay". Listen for yourself at the band's page on their new label's site where you can stream the whole album.


Z! said...

and theyre coming to SF this week!! im sooooo excited.

Daft Monk said...

I won't be able to make it, but I saw them a few years ago and they were fantastic live. Sarah has a great presence and they had a full band to back them up.

Z! said...

totally. i saw them back in 2002 (i think) and the show was incredibly energizing. i was just awash in emotion.
you should maybe check out the lovemakers in SF this week. i am dragging my husband along with me! :)