Friday, February 03, 2006

No Spin Zone

Dead Or Alive frontman Pete Burns recently "lashed out" over this week's UK re-release of his band's biggest hit as it capitalizes on his recent appearance on "Celebrity Big Brother":

Fans and newspapers campaigned for the track's re-release today (January 30). However, when told of the decision Burns attacked the plans.

"I'm sick of that song," the singer told Channel 4 presenter Davina McCall after leaving the 'Big Brother' house. "It's like still wearing school uniform when you're 50."

The single has already been re-released once, when it reached number 23 in 2003, though this time it is expected to climb higher.

: I suspect the "story" I just quoted is a driven by some quotes taken out of context, but if Burns is really upset this would be a first for him. Not only was there the 2003 re-release, but "You Spin Me Round(Like A Record)" has a 1999 version, a 1996 mix and an official Dannii Minogue mash-up.

"You Spin Me Round" charted at #5 on the UK singles chart on the week of this re-release.

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