Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Arms Up Just Dance

Sometimes things slip away from me and I need a reminder. I recently got one of those in the form a nice thank you email from electropop duo Dangerous Muse. They are one of the first signings to Warner Bros new imprint Cordless Recordings which deals in online exclusive releases from new acts. Here is an excerpt from my review at that should give you an idea of what they are about:

“The Rejection” typifies the duo’s approach. The low key synths and underplayed vocals find the band in musical waters that lie between a less nervous Junior Boys and a modernized Fortran 5. A distinct rhythmic pulse push the song along a series of smart chord changes while the stream of conscious lyrics take us on a journey through a gentle dance floor rejection.

: While I think they suffer from a name that is unfortunately similar to Danger Mouse, they arew band that are rock solid and full of potential. Hear for yourself at their myspace page.

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