Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Last One Standing

Some highlights from an interview with Ladytron I recently found.

On signing to a major label:
When we were with Telstar, they knew we wanted to make an amazing album but they wanted us to make something that was very like Light and Magic and do another ‘Seventeen’, like Nineteen or something, because that type of music had become popular and they wanted more radio friendly tracks. But we were totally against that, we wanted to create our own sound and didn’t want to be forced into anything.

...being mistaken as an Eastern European band:’s as silly as us being called a scouse band, Reuben and I live there but it’s funny to think of Mira and Helen being called scousers. Exit was an amazing festival, one of the best gigs this year along with Benicassim. It was in Serbia, and we had no idea what to expect. We were on between Slayer and Fatboy Slim, they thought we were perfect to bridge the gap for some reason. We played to 40,000 people and the crowd were so up for it. It was brilliant.

...defining success:
I always thought it was a blessing that although everyone seems to know ‘Seventeen’ it wasn’t a huge radio hit and so it hasn’t stopped us developing... The last gig we did in 2003 was in Liverpool with this little band called Franz Ferdinand, who no one had ever heard of, supporting us. We thought we’d give them a chance! It was like ‘Oh well done lads, you’re quite good, we think you’ll make it.’ Little did we know!

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