Friday, May 20, 2005

Madchester Revival

I'll admit to having missed most of the original Madchester craze because I was bit on the young side and on the wrong contentinent, but the current wave of dance rock owes a debt to them and this story from caught my eye:
HAPPY MONDAYS have confirmed their first MANCHESTER date in five years.

The band will play at the Manchester Evening News Arena on October 29, with support from The Farm and Stereo MCs.

: Now that's a bill with some history behind it. I do own The Farm's greatest hits somewhere, since they were an okay band with some good singles that never got around to making a solid album, but I got the impression that they gave up that "being a band" thing long ago. The liner notes to that collection were one of the saddest things I've ever read because they thought of their personal highlight as a band was going on stage before The Stone Roses at a festival. It's never good when you're a supporting act even in your finest hour. Oh, the liner notes also mentioned that they figured out that they were going to be dropped by their label when Madonna failed to show up at one of their gigs. Once again playing second fiddle to someone more famous.
And now for a picture of Bez...

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