Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Guilt Is A Useless Emotion

When EMI records released a profit warning a couple of months ago when it became known that the new Coldplay album would be released slightly late I took note, but I found Chris Martin’s entirely too sincere response when asked about this last week too much to pass up. As some one who desperate to maintain artistic credibility Martin went on an anti-corporate rant where he called shareholders “the great evil of this modern world". Was it surprising then to see Coldplay's beer company sponsored performance on SNL this past weekend followed by three commercials in a row selling their new album? That’s an unprecedented amount of attention and advertising dollars at work with Coldplay specific ads from itunes, best buy and tower all gracing the same commercial block. Ask Martin, it’s rough dealing with "the slavery that we are all under to shareholders” when they all are supporting your career.
Not to be outdone, Bono has also gone on an outside forces-style rant where he has disowned the released version of “Pop” because U2 apparently rushed the album because they prematurely booked their tour before they had all the ideas worked out. Strange that didn’t come up when you were promoting that album Bono. It’s always good to remind yourself that artistic failure doesn’t come from within.
Since I’m dealing with shocking revelations, corporate responsibility advocate and “Super Size Me” star/director Morgan Spurlock who said “The only agenda I had going in was to make a film that would hopefully cause people to think about how they eat and live their lives.” might be full of it. I’ve suggested that he made the movie primarily as an attempt to further his career and a new lawsuit would support that theory:
The suit, filed at the New York Supreme Court, accuses Spurlock of "engaging in self-interested and wasteful activities" and diverting assets into a new company.

: Hmm, could that be the company producing Spurlock’s new tv show? It’s hard to believe someone so selfless as Spurlock wants to appear would facing lawsuit from someone who supported him early on with a “bet on this long shot”.

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