Saturday, May 21, 2005

Left To My Own Devices

The official Pet Shop Boys site reports that they've made some progress on their new album with some help from an old friend:
Chris and Neil are busy in the studio with producer Trevor Horn working on five tracks for their new album due for release in Spring next year.

Trevor Horn produced "Left to my own devices" and "It's alright" for Pet Shop Boys in 1988/89 and recently produced the song "Numb" for them which was originally intended for the "PopArt" compilation but will now appear on next year's album. At the end of last year Pet Shop Boys appeared in the "Produced by Trevor Horn" show at London's Wembley Arena which also featured Seal, Tatu, Grace Jones and Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Songs being recorded at the moment include "Luna Park", "Casanova in Hell" and "The Sodom and Gomorrah Show". The musical style is described as "electronic and quite epic".

: Epic and electronic are the right direction for the Boy's to take their music and Horn produced a few of my favorite PSB songs along with great tunes from ABC and his own work with Art Of Noise. Not that they've been still too long, but Neil Tennant co-wrote and did the vocals for a Superchumbo track that will be out in a month or two. Not a bad amount activity for a band that had it's first hit twenty years ago.

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