Friday, July 01, 2005

Vanishing Point

New Order have a DVD collecting their videos due out this fall and the fanatics over at NewOrderOnline got their hands on a tracklisting. Here it is with what I remember of what I've seen.

Confusion Fantastic! The video reenacts how the band fine tuned the song by taking it down to the disco and seeing how it did on the dance floor. Bernard (I think) sports some short shorts and even back in the day Arthur Baker was one huge dude.
The Perfect Kiss Quite possibly the best performance video of an electronic song. Great frog samples.
State of the Nation
Bizarre Love Triangle Bouncing!
True Faith A Daft Punk video before there were Daft Punk videos.
Touched By The Hand Of God Take a silly concept like NO dressing up like Bon Jovi and intercut with a rape(?) scene? Art from the director who would go on to make “Point Break.”
Blue Monday ‘88 Wasn’t that good, but I remember objects and bold use of colors that come across as very 80's at this point.
Fine Time Bedtime fun time for the kids!
Round & Round I think is the one with the models staring at the camera, great stuff.
Run It’s been awhile but I remember something about a street corner and becoming quickly annoyed.
World In Motion Football hooligans and Barney in an Elvis jumpsuit.
Regret Split screen with lots of edits, one of my favorite videos.
Ruined In A Day I’ve only seen clips of this and if it’s got subtitles then I can’t wait to see the whole thing.
World Best use of band member cameos. Some of the best use of long takes and slow-ish motion ever used in the music video format.
Spooky My pick for the worst New Order single ever had a video?
Crystal Received a lot of notice lately because of The Killers connection, but a bit too much like that first Blues Traveler video.
60 Miles An Hour I’ve only seen this once and it was truly horrible.
Here To Stay Was this on the CD single or something because it sounds vaguely familiar. Not a good sign that I don’t remember a thing about it.
Krafty Like Pulp’s “Do You Remember The First Time?” video, but with more kissing.
Jetstream I have this horrible feeling that they approved the pitch after seeing that recent U2 video and saying hell we should be playing surrounded by computer animation too. Oh, why did they even bother putting Anna Mantronic in the video if she’s not actually interacting with the band or really with the videos concept?
Waiting For The Sirens’ Call

Round & Round – USA/Patty
Regret – Baywatch
Crystal – Gina Birch version

Temptation (from 3.16)

Ceremony (dir. by Yu Likwai)
Temptation (dir. by Michael H. Shamberg)

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