Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Storm Blows Itself Out

PSB fans should recognize Pete Gleadall as the 3rd Pet Shop Boy who has been credited with programming on most of the bands records for the past decade and has even been out to help the Neil and Chris play deejay sets, so I found it odd when I was reading an article about Live 8 that used him for the story's only quotation, and it was about the weather:

Some workers setting up scaffolding and sound systems lamented the unusually rainy weather that has plagued the Russian capital for the past week.

"Well, it has been (awful), but it is getting better," said Pete Gladdel, a sound engineer for the Pet Shop Boys. "I think it's rained for the day and then it's going to be nice from now on we're hoping."

It was so random that I had to take note of it. I imagine my fifteen minutes of fame will be as well spent.
As for the Boys' performance, aol has essentially ignored the Moscow portion of the concert with a chance to see parts of it if you tune into the repeating global stream and wait for it show up again, so I've only seen "Go West" at this point. It was different from any other take on the song I've heard and that impressive in my book because they only rehearsed for five days before taking to the (almost) global stage.
In the spirit of Live 8 I leave you with this taken from a wrap up of the Canadian portion of the concert:
Apparently, there weren't too many Celine Dion fans at Park Place. When Ackroyd and Tom Green introduced the Quebec pop diva, the jeers were so loud that it drowned out the co-hosts.

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