Monday, July 11, 2005

Festival Wrap Up

It's music festival season in Europe and while it's the place to be musically I still enjoy watching from a distance. Interestingly, it's Las Vegas' The Killers, and their singer Brandon Flowers (who spent his pre-Killers days in the micro-internet scene of Modern Synthpop) that have been getting the most attention. Here is nme's take on the Oxegen Festival:

The day belonged to The Killers. Though only third on the bill, the Las Vegas favourites drew the biggest ever crowd at the festival with 40,000 adoring fans – at a conservative estimate – thronging the main stage to see them. Such was their appeal, that all the other stages suffered with just handfuls collected to watch when The Killers were in action.

: in Scotland's T In The Park it was Flowers who got the attention of the press again during New Order's set:

Flowers joined the band for 2001 single ’Crystal’. The band in the video for the song were called The Killers.

The band also dedicated the Joy Division classic ’Atmosphere’ to the people of London after the recent bomb attacks on the city.

Bassist Peter Hook said: “There was just no need for that, no need for that at all.” He had earlier told NME.COM: ”It’s really scary. It shows what a rotten world we live in.”

He also praised Scottish audiences, saying: “They seem to love us, even after some of the dodgy shows we’ve played here! They don’t bottle us anyway.”

: The same festival saw Flower's "rivals" play in what I assume was poorly received set as well:
THE BRAVERY have paid tribute to the local culture during their controversial T IN THE PARK appearance this afternoon (July 10).

The band began their set with a full Scottish marching band, complete with bagpipes and drums, who played several traditional songs before joining in with The Bravery’s material.

”It’s awesome, I’ve always wanted to play with bagpipes my whole life,” singer Sam Endicott explained. “And I must say I’ve never seen better bottle throwing in my life!”

However the link up with the be-kilted ones proved more difficult to pull off then the band first hoped.

Initially a police band were booked but they were then called-up to reinforce security at the nearby G8 summit, then The Bravery’s late arrival on site after their plane was delayed meant they had little time to practice with the pipers.

The late arrival also saw the band’s set dramatically cut short, as the plug was pulled as the band tried to play closing song ’Unconditional’ leaving The Bravery to helplessly apologise to disappointed fans.

: T also brought some shocking news as well. The writer's block prone Liam Howelett has some new songs less than a year after the cool reception of “Always Outnumbered…”:

Liam commented: “Now we’re back on the road as a trio we’ve been coming up with new tunes. I write tunes on my laptop. We’d play gigs before but weren’t coming up with new stuff.”

: Perhaps my prediction of that band's demise was premature. Time will tell.

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