Sunday, September 05, 2004

Troubles So Hard

Well, not that hard, but I've been having problems with my computer over the last couple of days. It just isn't loading web pages as quickly as normal and the streaming on Rhapsody has been horrible. Let me explain about Rhapsody, they got me in on this free trial thing during the Olympics and I found another offer to extended my trial period. I'm still not totally sold on the service because the sound quality is a bit iffy, and I'm no audio snob, but I am enjoying things like waking up last Tuesday to find Bjork's new album ready to play on my computer. That's pretty cool (interesting album by the way).
Beyond that there has been even more drama in my little online world. Electroculture has had a recent ownership change and will be changing it's name to Electronode shortly. There was a "war" on bimfactor with another forum I frequent that was supposedly about something that was ultimate two people's perception of attitudes. Interestingly, the people on bimfactor who were calling to spam the site and shut it down, then joined the other forum and argued that the other forum was denying the first amendment. Regardless, I thought it was odd how a champion of the first amendment was the first to argue for shutting down the forum that offended her (well offended her because of someone else's perception of comments on a thread). Really it all comes down to a waste of time and energy, and leaves me sad that more people aren't able to be rational in the arguments.
Beyond that I did finally finish another review for I gave Client's "Going Down" a mildy positive review, but I am a tough critic. I am getting closer to finishing a review of the New Order Online's tribute album, but it is taking forever, because every time I talk about compilations I sound like a complete idiot. So it goes...

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