Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Did You Know What Needs To Stop

Those damned Raiders commercials that are running nonstop, at least on cable, in the Bay Area. Bringing the Raiders back to Oakland was one of the worst decisions in recent years (costing Oakland tons of money in tax money yearly when they can't afford enough police to keep the streets safe), and it is endlessly frustrating because the games don't ever sell out, so no home games are televised in the Bay Area because Al Davis uses his big stick to punish fans for not buying more tickets. So this Raiders commercial shows the "family friendly" atmosphere (remember the rioting after the Super Bowl a couple of years ago?) with incredibly grating guitar rawk turned up much louder than even other commercials. It's kind of funny because they show a pudgy little baby, and a little girl who looks a bit scared to show the happy Raider Nation. Fine. You win, Al, the Raiders are family friendly. Now stop showing that damned commercial before I have to go all crazy on your cheap ad again.

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