Sunday, September 26, 2004

The Politics Of Dancing

I'm a bit puzzled by a San Francisco Weekly article I just read about the dancing habits of white guys disguised as an article on Franz Ferdinand. The political/economic link that the author is attempting to make just doesn't quite fit and the whole argument is overstretched because they whole Nirvana/grunge explosion started in the midst of a recession and probably shouldn't be referenced if you're trying to prove bad economics as the reason for dancing. By far the most annoying thing about the article is the implied claim that synths are cheaper than guitars. Odd.
Also, has anyone else noticed the amount of anger directed at Dave Chappelle lately? It seems ever since he signed his new deal with Comedy Central I've been reading in the press "we've all heard about enough" and "we all agree his star is on it's way down." We agree that the use of the royal "we" is always a sign of wisdom, but come on, the guy is funny. Why turn on him because he's getting paid?

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