Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Last Viewer Standing

Tonight I was suckered into even more reality with the new season of “Last Comic Standing.” I had strong reservations about watching the show, since all I remember from the ads for last season was the idea that it was comics living in a house together (that’s all I need in my life is another snooze-fest like “Big Brother” with people who think they’re funny). Fortunately this was just people doing their acts, with an odd mix of established comics with tv gigs (the guy from the Nick At Nite Road Crew and that guy who’s always on Collin Quin’s politically incorrect rip-off) and total amateurs. There were some good acts, and it was nice to see Will Durst, who is a Bay Area comedy staple, win a spot as a semi-finalist at the San Francisco stop. Once the show the living in a house together part I’ll probably tune out, but who knows, the extremely unfunny yet constantly employed Jay Mohr is the show’s host and producer which might force me to bail earlier.

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