Tuesday, June 08, 2004


What does it take to get national news coverage? The dominate news story of the week is President Reagan’s death, which is legitimate since the man ended the Cold War, although cable news networks running constant live coverage of the man’s coffin is totally unnecessary. Talk about morbid. Beyond Reagan, the country is still at war and the two highest members of the CIA resigned last week. Is there anything more we need to know about our spy agency soon to have new management? That might be a big story. So what story did I hear lead the hourly news brief on ABC radio two hours in a row? An anti-war protest in Washington of what they said was only about 50 people. Here is the only print story I can find about it (not that I looked too hard). Hmm, 50 people drum on cans and make the national news. I’ll gather up my family and friends for a barbaque and see if we make the news!
Also Roger Clemens just won his 9th game this season with no losses yet. That man is a working legend and one best things to ever to happen to baseball (and he always strikes my team out).

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