Friday, August 19, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Index

Day 01: Your Favorite Song Depeche Mode "Enjoy The Silence" 1990
Day 02: Your Least Favorite Song Deep Blue Something "Breakfast At Tiffany's" 1995
Day 03: A Song That Makes You Happy Bad Manners "Bang On The Drum All Day" 1985
Day 04: A Song That Makes You Sad Robyn "Call Your Girlfriend" 2010
Day 05: A Song That Reminds You Of Someone The Smiths "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" 1984
Day 06: A Song That Reminds You Of Somewhere The Wiseguys "Start The Commotion" 1999
Day 07: A Song That Reminds You Of A Certain Event Client "Radio" 2004
Day 08: A Song You Know All The Words To Oliva Theme Song 2009
Day 09: A Song You Can Dance To Kings Of Convenience "I'd Rather Dance With You" 2004
Day 10: A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep New Order "Video 5 8 6" 1982
Day 11: A Song From Your Favorite Band New Order "Every Little Counts" 1986
Day 12: A Song From A Band You Hate Dave Mathews Band "You & Me" 2009
Day 13: A Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure Ace Of Base "The Sign" 1993
Day 14: A Song That No One Would Expect You To Love ODB "Got Your Money" 1999
Day 15: A Song That Describes You Pet Shop Boys "Too Many People" 1993
Day 16: A Song That You Used To Love But Now Hate The Bravery "An Honest Mistake" 2005
Day 17: A Song That You Hear Often On The Radio Adele "Rolling In The Deep" 2010
Day 18: A Song You Wish You Heard On The Radio The Auteurs "Lenny Valentino" 1994
Day 19: A Song From Your Favorite Album Pet Shop Boys "It's Only The Wind" 1990
Day 20: A Song That You Listen To When You're Angry Nine Inch Nails "Wish" 1992
Day 21: A Song That You Listen To When You're Happy Junior Senior "Move Your Feet" 2002
Day 22: A Song That You Listen To When You're Sad Moby "Natural Blues" 1999
Day 23: A Song That You Want To Play At Your Wedding Freelance Hellraiser "A Stroke Of Genius" 2002
Day 24: A Song That You Want To Play At Your Funeral Fake Tupac "I Wrote This Song In '94" 2006
Day 25: A Song That Makes You Laugh R. Kelly "Trapped In A Closet" 2005
Day 26: A Song That You Play On An Instrument Edvard Grieg "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" 1876
Day 27: A Song That You Wish You Could Play The Killers "Human" 2008
Day 28: A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty Harry Chapin "Cat's In The Cradle" 1974
Day 29: A Song From Your Childhood Lionel Richie "Say You, Say Me" 1985
Day 30: Your Favorite Song At This Time Last Year Brandon Flowers "Crossfire" 2010

Having completed the 30 Day Song Challenge I feel compelled to comment on it.  I'm pleased that it forced me to "write" 30 entries, more than I did in the past year and half, because I had a deadline and I appreciate that it approached music at a different angle than I take. However, I can't but feel I failed because about halfway through, which is about how far I had written in advance, my entries became distinctly shorter and less interesting. Were the questions less inspiring? Perhaps, but it had more to do with fatigue creeping in while I found myself very busy with work which left the challenge on the back burner. I certainly failed at my original vision which was to tweet the challenge with links. I only managed to tweet 4 days of the challenge.
It came as a surprise that, as someone who is their mid 30's, my pics did indeed span my lifetime rather than just becoming a snapshot of my teen years.

Discovering that both of my favorite song and album were released in 1990 must be some sort of cosmic coincidence. I'm sure the same wouldn't happen to you, were you to attempt such a challenge.

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