Monday, August 01, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 12: A Song From A Band You Hate

Why do I hate Dave Matthews Band?  As one of the first non-alternative bands to breakthrough in the mid-90s, their rise in popularity marked a conservative streak in music which symbolically ended the dominance of the left-of-center music in the rock world. At that time I described the act as music for admins, in part due to the only DMB fans I knew actually were administrative assistants but mostly because their musical inoffensiveness so defines them that background music for corporate busy work is their natural function.  Over the years I have found that most of their fans only own a handful of albums because they just aren't into music which plays into a mention in The Onion that they are a sales powerhouse who rely "on the musical ignorance of their fans".  "You & Me" is a song that I have the misfortune of hearing often at work.  The chorus is a minefield of things that shouldn't happen in music.  "You and me together, we could do anything" has to be one of the most generic expressions of love ever test-marketed which is paired with a melody so lazy it sounds as if it was created by a child on a playground.  What really tops of the song is the faux jazz coda which adds absolutely nothing to the song but gives fans a reason to champion a very bland piece of pop rock as arty and innovative.  They are so very wrong.

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