Friday, September 29, 2006

Save It Until The Morning After

I was originally planning on using Junior Boys "In The Morning" selection as the free itunes download of the week in the US as a jumping off point for some interesting press I had found about the band recently, but the 500+ customer comments have proved too much to pass up. First off I'm amazed by how many people apparently assume that if it's the "single of week" that it is the "best" track added to their store and that they expect it to be a hit. Looking back at the singles of the week even as far as a couple of years ago when itunes was still actively trying to pull in new customers almost everything, including tracks from Nelly Furtado and Avril Lavigne, have been on the margins and are songs that hadn't received any airplay at the time they got the single of the week treatment. Why are there hundreds of comments that essentially say "this is the single of the week?" as if they are really put out and need to comment on something that cost them nothing and took thirty seconds to download? The other major thing that bothers me is the high amount of homophobic innuendo in a number of the reviews. Maybe I've been out of high school for too long, but it's a bit shocking to me how sexuality is tossed around so casually as an insult. Imagine what would happen to these people if Scissor Sisters had a single of the week? Then there is the endless stream of Backstreet Boys comparisons. Is that the only music with synths and vocals that Americans have ever heard? To read the reviews it would seem that way. My favorite comment came from a user who doesn't "even consider that music its just idiots trying to make money! (and obviously failing)". Um, where is that huge market for indie electro pop that brings all it's purveyors riches, fame and bling? The overwhelming amount of one star user reviews is amazing and as some reviews have pointed out probably come from not giving the track a fair listen. So This Is Goodbye hasn't reached the same level of critical praise that Last Exit did, but it's done well with largely favorable reviews by most serious music publications. Pitchfork's review of the track referred to one of the song's synth-lines as "one of the most thrilling (sonic moments) you’ll hear this year". Obviously that went over a few heads like the user who put plenty of thought into their review of "this horrible excuss for a song in a horrible music Gerne".


bardot said...

i read a couple of those reviews and just got frustrated by their ignorance. i can understand that not everyone is going to enjoy the song, but to throw out dumb unfounded comments is ridiculous. but it is nice to see - among the 700+ reviews it's geting - that some people are defending them and the genre ("if you don't like indie or electronic, then don't download this song... The Junior Boys are an excellent band..."). i'm thinking of doing it myself. :-)

oh yeah, you shouldn't get this song "unless u REALLY like techno and stuff like that." well said! hahahaha

Daft Monk said...

I was happy to see some good defenders of taste comment, but it was shocking how unbalanced it was. I think a good part of the problem was that they put the song in the "alternative" category. From a historical perspective it makes sense because electropop was a major staple of what became defined as "alternative" in the 90's but the 15 year old kids that leave comments don't get that. I was looking at something on itunes earlier today and read a comment on something that struck me as uninformed and someone called had the next comment "Pink Ipod Hates It So It Must Be Good". So I did a little looking around at the many comments that Pink Ipod had left and almost all of them were one star reviews that talked about previewing the tracks and looking through a few dozen of this persons reviews I found hundreds of "disagree with this review"s and less than ten "agree"s. So maybe this is just a large scale version of that with the Junior Boys. Oh well, they are fantastic and at least they got some exposure out of it.