Monday, September 18, 2006

Get The Message

Electronic's best of collection is out this week and to my surprise Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr have done some promotion. An interesting interview in The Independent reveals the bands birth as a refuge from band politics and their initial intention of simply releasing white-label acid house 12" singles. However, the most interesting part of the piece is when they discuss developing their self-titled debut album in the middle of the party that was Madchester:

"Bernard was like the Pied Piper, but dressed all in white," laughs Marr. "He'd come back to the studio about 4am with an entourage of our friends, and we'd get a chance to road-test our new songs. One time we had "Idiot Country" blaring out and Bez [of Happy Mondays] was talking to my wife. I noticed he wasn't dancing, so I slowed the tempo down until he started to shuffle again. That's when I knew we'd got it right."

: Click here to listen to Get The Message: The Best Of Electronic for the rest of the week.


J'ason D'luv said...

It's an okay collection. I listen to the first four tracks mostly, as they were the big ones from the first album and the "Disappointed" single... but there's a couple that are cool from the later years.

I think it's great that they've put this hits set together, though...

Daft Monk said...

Having listened to the disc it's clear there was a huge drop in quality over the years which is really apparent when you listen to those first tracks and then nothing else comes close for the rest of the disc.