Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Orac's Electronically Yours has resurfaced as a news section attached to his much praised Human League fansite. He reports that Goldfrapp have dropped "Satin Chic" in favor of "Fly Me Away" as the next UK single to be taken from "Supernature". While I agree with Orac's assessment that "Satin" is the better track but just last night I was struck by what a great song "Fly Me Away" is bringing together elements of the last three decades of electronic music in to one great song.
Orac also has an item about the new version of DM's "Suffer Well" where Dave Gahan sings the song in Simlish. I first saw the video for the song by way of Bardot's blog and I can only describe the experience as surreal. Apparently Gahan describes the move to rerecord the song for a recent Sims expansion pack done because the band have "always been open to new ways of sharing our music".

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