Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Announcing Electro Downloaded Podcast

Regular readers have probably caught on that I've caught the podcasting bug and recently I found my way around my two main problems: cost and legality. Electro Downloaded is my solution, a podcast version of an mp3 blog that brings songs to your pod catcher song by song. It’s a bit like some popular pocasts available on itunes but without the focus on creative commons artists (who are, no offense, mostly amateurs) instead taking downloads from legitimately hosted mp3s by artists of note. The podcast follows my taste and currently I’ve got downloads from Mylo, The Juan Maclean, Carmen Rizzo, Prodigy, Sia, and Out Hud up with more to come. Subscribe with itunes, the rss feed or those unfamiliar with the technology can click on the pod cast player link at the PodcastAlley page to listen.

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