Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Different Kind Of Smart

The new Pet Shop Boys "I'm With Stupid" was played on Swedish radio earlier this week and Popjustice offers instruction for the interested fan willing to put in a little effort. Go to this page, click on 22.10-23.00 and skip ahead 19 minutes and the song should start right up.
On first listen I find the song to be a bit of a letdown from the PopArt singles and Trevor Horn's horn-heavy production sounds straight out of the late 80s which isn't a good thing. The lyrics were probably the deciding factor in this being the first single and the song does grow on you with a few listens so there is still plenty of reason to think that Fundamental will still be a great album. "Minimal" was originally slated as the first single, "Numb" was recorded as a potential single for PopArt and PopJustice had suggested "Integral" as the best choice for a single so there are plenty of other tracks with potential. Regardless the official PSB site reports that "I'm With Stupid" will be remixed by Melnyk, Max Tundra and Abe Duque with possibility of more before the single is released.

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