Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More Subsonic Fallout

Even more bad news on the Subsonic front. Before finding the item I post previously I sent out an email to the show's host Disco Shawn asking about the show. He responded that the show was cancelled over the holiday hiatus (sneaky move) and that the station had fired him for talking to the press about the cancellation. Considering all the noise Live 105 has been making about wanting "activist" listeners it is interesting that they don't want people to know about what the station is canceling and is then willing to fire people over it. Perhaps this is what led to the station's new totalitarian slogan "The Only Alternative".


Anonymous said...

I understand you are bummed about the cancellation of Subsonic, but you're making some pretty unfair and baseless implications here.

Not everything is a conspiracy. Yes, Subsonic was cancelled over the holidays; it was timed to start with the new year. New year, new morning show, new station, got it? It doesn't mean we were hiding anything. And to say we don't want anyone to know anything is entirely false. The cancellation of both the Sixx Mixx and Subsonic have been discussed at length on the air on my show and others (a practice almost unheard of in commercial radio, by the way).

As for Disco Shawn's dissmissal, it's a sad thing. Shawn was a friend of mine and all of us at the station enjoyed working with him. But I can't imagine any workplace where you can crap on your boss IN THE FREAKIN NEWSPAPER and not get fired. Even Terrell Owens got canned for that kind of thing.

I will miss Subsonic, and Ben and I are trying to fill some of the electronic music void on our new Friday Night show. But life moves on and shows get cancelled. In fact, this isn't even the first time Subsonic has been cancelled. If Aaron Axelssen, the guy who founded and hosted the show for 9 years, can accept it, you should be able to as well


Daft Monk said...

Thanks for the thoughtful response Madden. It's cool that you are interested in your station's listeners enough to comment but I stand by what I've said. I don't think Subsonic's cancellation was some sort of conspiracy, I just think it was a sneaky move to drop the show after sending the show on holiday hiatus because it reduced any reaction. I’m aware of how rare it is for radio to acknowledge that anything has ever changed on air, and while I heard Party Ben talking about Six Mix ending I missed any on-air mention of Subsonic’s demise. I’m glad it was pointed out, but found it frustrating that I couldn’t find an answer from the station when the show was normally broadcast.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Daft Monk - I think most people in the station are in their own little world, and don't necessarily get a fresh perspective on life outside of radio. It happens in most workplaces, when people have to come into the office every day of the week, and aren't allowed to "work" from "home". And while I was never a huge fan of Disco Shawn (long live Aaron Axelsen's days of hosting subsonic!), I still like the fact that he mixed things up a bit and played some stuff that Aaron shyed away from, even though I didn't always like it that much. And he also had an opinion - even though I didn't always agree with him on it, at least he said what he felt. Now i'm stuck with 92.7's Saturday night "show". Ugh.

As for crapping on your boss in the newspaper, I guess some people can't take criticism.

Good to know.

--(not the party) Ben