Wednesday, March 16, 2005

(Entry Pretentiously Left Untitled)

I've only recently (re)discovered Barcode and I've been really impressed by the level of insight they've got going with their reviews (even if they are occasionally wrong). Particularly exceptional is their review of the new Autechre album that is an articulate description of my feelings on the group and to an extent their followers. Maybe it's just because 90% of the Autechre fans I know hate techno. Absolutely think it's trash and don't understand how anyone could stand to listen to any of it...except Autechre. Why? :
Electronic music itself has too often been labelled with the emotionally retarded tag, but as ridiculous as that is, its artists like Autechre that have often provided convincing argument for the cynic.

: If you praise music that confirms your uneducated opinion, once again 90% of Autechre fans I've met are only passingly familiar with only the work of three or four electronic artists, then you've established your superiority because your token acknowledgment of the genre confirms your biases.
Since I'm talking reviews it appears that David Vesel, who had been announced as the official reviewer for Electroculture/Electronode before the site went through an ownership change, will be adding his considerable reviewing powers to I've been following his complete and insightful criticism since he worked through the Gods Of Music site and I look forward to reading more from him.

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