Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Did I Say I Liked It?

This week has brought a virtual flood of interesting music. Not only did I buy the impressive new Moby album and got the chance to pick up the LCD Soundsystem album and I discovered that the new New Order album is being streamed (for a limited time only) at a couple of places on the internet.
Is New Order's "Waiting For The Sirens' Call" the horrible disappointment the folks on the forum at NewOrderOnline say it is, or a strong return to forum as I've heard elsewhere? Well, it all depends on which New Order you're into because the album finds the band pretty much dropping any serious attempt at being "edgy" and creating a few pop songs along the way. The big problem with the album is that it takes a couple of listens to get into, but fortunately once you're past the initial shock it's a really solid album that I've been listening to it pretty much nonstop. I can't wait to hear it on a proper cd with decent sound quality because I'm sure it will be all the much better.
As for the albums I bought, I love the new Moby album even if I haven't been in the mood for the bonus "ambient" disc. It's really fantastic how he's developed as a songwriter and the new wave/modern rock setting of the album isn't something I expected from him but it sounds great. At this point I've only had a chance to listen to the LCD Soundsystem album (which got a strong seal of approval from the record store clerk) once, and it seems to be the sort of album that will take a few listens to grow on me as a whole, but for the moment the singles and "Tribulations" really stand out.
In my travels across the internet, I stopped resisting and recently joined myspace (for a second time) so you can click here to find me there. Also my review of Everything But The Girls new remix album went live on recently and you can see what a review of a bad album from an artist I respect looks like.

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