Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The X Factor

When the news broke that the forever uncomfortable as "Big Brother" host Julie Chen married CBS president Les Moonves, my wife congratulated me on calling that match. Quite honestly I had forgotten my stong conviction that Chen was involved with a network exec after she made it back for a second season of that miserable show but I‘m happy to take credit for it now. Even I couldn't see how deep this went, but the higher up you deal with the corporate ladder the better job security I suppose.
A couple of things that bugged me today. On one of the boards there was complaining about the New York Synthpop Festival that took place last weekend mostly about the headliner not being from NY. Maybe this a version of the whole “school spirit” thing, never really my thing, but I’ve always assumed that when there is a festival with a name in front of it they are usually talking about the place it is happening, Something like the San Francisco Film Festival doesn’t just feature films from San Francisco, but the event takes place in SF. I don’t know, it just seems like such an odd thing to get up in arms about.
Not to get back to my feelings on the whole mess with the guy from Provision disrespecting the synthpop.net reviews, but the revised review that Jason wrote up has one of the most hits on the site. It’s got almost twice as many hits as a high average review so someone must be directing traffic towards it. Is it Breye? It beats the hell out of me, but it’s strange…

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