Friday, January 28, 2005

We Meet Again Dr. Jonze

I just saw the most recent Ludacris video for "Get Back" and it's got to be the best video I've seen in ages. Obviously Ludie has a twisted take on things and working with Spike Jonze was the right move to take. Check out the link and enjoy the fights with dogs, a posse that Public Enemy could love, and the best drink cameo in memory.
Beyond that I got around to updating my live 365 station today and ran into a couple problems with track names. I usual use musicmatchjukebox to create mp3s because it came on the computer and it's easy to adjust to Live 365's standards, but their cd look-up info is just terrible. It misnamed and misspelled tracks off four cds in a row, and it just shouldn't be that stupid. Of course, I went to use one of the tracks Live 365 has set up on their site and it turned Prodigy's "Hot Ride" into "Hor Ride" and I think they get paid to host the file. Go figure.
It's now day two since getting "Push The Button" and I've listened to the album half a dozen times. Great stuff!

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