Sunday, September 26, 2004

The Politics Of Dancing

I'm a bit puzzled by a San Francisco Weekly article I just read about the dancing habits of white guys disguised as an article on Franz Ferdinand. The political/economic link that the author is attempting to make just doesn't quite fit and the whole argument is overstretched because they whole Nirvana/grunge explosion started in the midst of a recession and probably shouldn't be referenced if you're trying to prove bad economics as the reason for dancing. By far the most annoying thing about the article is the implied claim that synths are cheaper than guitars. Odd.
Also, has anyone else noticed the amount of anger directed at Dave Chappelle lately? It seems ever since he signed his new deal with Comedy Central I've been reading in the press "we've all heard about enough" and "we all agree his star is on it's way down." We agree that the use of the royal "we" is always a sign of wisdom, but come on, the guy is funny. Why turn on him because he's getting paid?

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Nail Salons & Barber Shops

Local news amuses me. Thanks to the free San Mateo Daily Journal I found out that my wife's hometown is doing it's part to fight organized crime by requiring nail salons and barber shops to get a permit to stay open past 9pm. The police chief pointed out that not many people get haircuts that time of night, and he might have a point.
Also my radio station was just added to the Electro Node Radio Stations Index. Big thanks to Jeff because it's not like he's getting anything out of the deal. He's a hell of a nice guy, and appreciate his help (not to mention his wilingness in taking on the thankless job of running ElectroNode).

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Did You Know What Needs To Stop

Those damned Raiders commercials that are running nonstop, at least on cable, in the Bay Area. Bringing the Raiders back to Oakland was one of the worst decisions in recent years (costing Oakland tons of money in tax money yearly when they can't afford enough police to keep the streets safe), and it is endlessly frustrating because the games don't ever sell out, so no home games are televised in the Bay Area because Al Davis uses his big stick to punish fans for not buying more tickets. So this Raiders commercial shows the "family friendly" atmosphere (remember the rioting after the Super Bowl a couple of years ago?) with incredibly grating guitar rawk turned up much louder than even other commercials. It's kind of funny because they show a pudgy little baby, and a little girl who looks a bit scared to show the happy Raider Nation. Fine. You win, Al, the Raiders are family friendly. Now stop showing that damned commercial before I have to go all crazy on your cheap ad again.

Friday, September 17, 2004

In It For The Thriller

I finished another review! Here's a link to my review of Client's "In It For The Money" single. I'm pleased to see that Micke, who owns and runs, added a picture of the single which makes the review look much better. Now I just need to get this content thing down. While we're talking Client check out this excellent interview with the band.
Also the nme review of the Prodigy album just posted and they confirmed some of my feelings about the album and made me feel less crazy about my belief that they re-did the beat from "Thriller."

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Always Synthdriven, Never Outpoped

I had the chance to pick up the new Prodigy album yesterday even though I’ve been having car (battery) problems this week. Well, it’s a bit early to make a final judgment, but on my first couple of listens through “Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned” doesn’t impress me that much. I’m actually a fairly big fan, even though I dismissed them after hearing “Charley” too many times back on Steve Masters’ mixes on Live 105 back in the day. I rediscovered them when I saw the “Voodoo People” as part of some record store sponsored late-night tv ad-thing, picked up that single and got hooked into their amazing album “Music For Jilted Generation.” I picked up the “Firestarter” single the first day it was out when the band was still on Mute, which was months before they were picked up by Maverick and I’m the first person I know to play it on the radio back on my college radio show. So it’s not like I don’t want to like this new Prodigy album, but it just hasn’t grabbed me. Hopefully that will change as I get to know the album a little better.
In the music download world, I mentioned that I recently tried out Rhapsody, and since then I went through on an additional free trial offered by my ISP. Maybe that was a mistake. While they let you sign up online, they want you to call their costumer service number to unsubscribe, and on the 13th day of the 14-day trial I called up when I got home from work. Apparently they close at 6pm Eastern Time, and when I called back the next day to cancel they informed me that I had been billed at midnight the night before (they must use a different definition of 14 days than I do). Fortunately they were able to unsubscribe me, and after my protesting they even refunded my monthly charge. The guy I talked to on the phone was nice, but their policy is damned near fraudulent. Very frustrating.
I also recently ended up getting a whopper, which currently will get you download from aol’s download service by-way-of-burger king’s site. Um, I put in the code and it told me that the song I wanted downloaded, but the song never appeared on my hard drive. I have this long running theory, dating back to the first time my parents got sent a disc in the late 80’s, that aol only succeeds because it preys on the computer illiterate. Take for example the aol for broadband, that does nothing other than make it look like you’re using aol for $20 a month. It does nothing! Why give aol your money? Are you that stupid? No, you’re probably just old, and don’t understand “internet” or computers that well. So, this is a first for me with not actually getting a download that I “paid” for. If I actually spent any money I would be furious, but since I wasn’t trying to do anything other than send a few cents towards the band (Cosmicity since you’re asking), I’m not too upset.
I was reading on one of the synthpop mailing lists today that Claudio from Moonlife is putting together a regular electro pop night featuring live bands in San Francisco and on the first night he’s got his own band booked along with Subimage. It has plenty of potential, so I’m very excited. Besides it gave me a reason to re-listen to Subimage’s debut “Etoc” tonight. Very good album, and they’ve got another one due out in October.
The Pet Shop Boys premiered their score to Eisenstein’s “Battleship Potemkin” in London this past Saturday. At some point their score should be released on cd, but I’m not expecting a US release (take for example the nearly year old “PopArt” greatest hits still has no release date because of fighting between different record companies the Boys have been on over the years). The odd thing is that there was rain at this London performance that was caused by the tail end of Hurricane Ivan which is just reaching the US shore as I type. Sometimes even nature reminds us what a small world we live in.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Troubles So Hard

Well, not that hard, but I've been having problems with my computer over the last couple of days. It just isn't loading web pages as quickly as normal and the streaming on Rhapsody has been horrible. Let me explain about Rhapsody, they got me in on this free trial thing during the Olympics and I found another offer to extended my trial period. I'm still not totally sold on the service because the sound quality is a bit iffy, and I'm no audio snob, but I am enjoying things like waking up last Tuesday to find Bjork's new album ready to play on my computer. That's pretty cool (interesting album by the way).
Beyond that there has been even more drama in my little online world. Electroculture has had a recent ownership change and will be changing it's name to Electronode shortly. There was a "war" on bimfactor with another forum I frequent that was supposedly about something that was ultimate two people's perception of attitudes. Interestingly, the people on bimfactor who were calling to spam the site and shut it down, then joined the other forum and argued that the other forum was denying the first amendment. Regardless, I thought it was odd how a champion of the first amendment was the first to argue for shutting down the forum that offended her (well offended her because of someone else's perception of comments on a thread). Really it all comes down to a waste of time and energy, and leaves me sad that more people aren't able to be rational in the arguments.
Beyond that I did finally finish another review for I gave Client's "Going Down" a mildy positive review, but I am a tough critic. I am getting closer to finishing a review of the New Order Online's tribute album, but it is taking forever, because every time I talk about compilations I sound like a complete idiot. So it goes...