Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Who Needs Blog (Like That)

Producer Gareth Jones has spent the past few months locked in his home studio with Erasure recording their new album and blogging about the experience. Before making the jump to blogger the blog was hosted on his own site which has made following it a bit difficult, but it reveals Jones to have an apparent passion for food and bicycling as they get as much space as his musical escapades. Still there are some interesting moments that peel back the curtain behind the band’s creative process and it’s worth a look. Also of note is that Jones has a video camera and the occasional cameraman around so clips capturing everything from (muted) vocal sessions to Andy Bell talking about his weekend have turned up on youtube. I haven’t made it through all of them but this rather long clip of the band attempting to steal beats from Kraftwerk captures how I imagine studio time to actually be... a bit boring:

: Erasure's next release is the On The Road To Nashville live DVD documenting their decent into madness as they perform country-influenced arrangements of their synthpop hits. The new album is in the mastering stage so a proper announcement of a release date can't be too far off.


xolondon said...

Oh it just sounds terrible. Maybe they will surprise me?

Daft Monk said...

Vince was just working on beats so I don't think they are giving away too much about the sound of the new album.
Still if you haven't liked any recent Erasure I don't really expect them to change much at this point given the are working with Jones again. I thought "Nightbird" was a strong step in the right direction with the band exploring some new direction, but time will tell where this one goes.