Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bullet Points

  • Congratulations to Orac of Electronically Yours who has now made the leap from fan to webmaster for the official Heaven 17 website. He does a great job keeping his all things Human League related site Secrets Online and EY current so this should be a pleasant change for the notoriously difficult which oddly required people to sign up to read the section of the website that announced their Before/After album that was released last year.
  • IAMX will be doing a limited tour of the US (with a few Canadian dates possible) at the end of March despite not having his latest record released here yet. Details should be found at his myspace once they are announced.
  • The (mostly) reformed Information Society have finally gotten their website online and it is worth the wait with the opportunity to remix their new single and listen to hours of unreleased material. The unreleased tracks are a fantastic way to hear the band's sound and songwriting develop with songs dating as far back as their high school days. The new InSoc album Synthesizer is expected to be released in Brazil in early April so an announcement about the US release can't be far off.
  • PopJustice notes that Rex The Dog has an album coming out as they casually reference his other alias which I couldn't find to save my life even a few months ago. They also link to an amusing video of Rex performing his new remix of The Sounds new single.
  • Annie just signed a new deal in the UK and her new album is expected at the end of this year. PopJustice reports "It'll be very melodic song-based electronica - cutting edge pop and great melodies with a view to getting people dancing." Perhaps that means her sessions with James Iha have been jettisoned.

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