Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wrote This Song A Long Time Ago

Just a little over ten years after his death Tupac has a new album out today. The phenomena of these posthumous Tupac albums has always amazed me and even more so now that this is his sixth studio album since his death equalling the number he recorded when he was alive. For proper perspective let's look at a sketch from the final aborted season of Chappelle's Show:

: Click here to listen to listen to Pac's Life for the rest of the week. It opens with gunshot samples.


xolondon said...

what bothers me more is how he is now praised as some sort of f'ing cvil rights leader. The man had some layers of depth, granted, and he had great potential, be he died a baby and somewhat of a gangsta at that. MLK he was not.

Daft Monk said...

The whole St Tupac thing is confusing. Didn't he go to jail over legaled-down rape charges less than a year before he was killed? I think his cred has been helped posthumously with his death showing that he was really “living” his music despite dating Quincy Jones daughter and not being able to play a gangster in movies. Besides his Mother has been everywhere talking about his legacy and so for years. She turns up to award shows, hip hop summits, etc and talks about how much of a visionary he was. Maybe it helps.
To get to the point, Chris Rock had a line about people always talking about Tupac and Biggie being "assassinated” which boiled down to MLK was assassinated, these rappers just got shot.