Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Stop Of The Pops

The famed UK pop music institution Top Of The Pops was just cancelled by the BBC after a 42 year run. Having never made it across the pond TOTP always sounded like an amazing show featuring all these fantastic bands that I've loved throughout the years. At least I have some highlights from youtube:


orac said...

Great selection of top Top of The Pops moments!
This may sound like I watch an awful lot of TV, but I actually watched all of those legendary moments from Yazoo (82), Pulp (85), New Order (83) and more recently Goldfrapp (06) ;)

Real shame it's going but I think that RnB killed it in end.

orac said...

Pulp of course was 95 (I'm not trapped in the 80's....honest Guv ;))

bardot said...

oh man, why???????

Daft Monk said...

You’ve made me jealous Orac. None of those bands were playing these songs on US TV. Well, Goldfrapp made it on a couple of late shows, and New Order can get on TV now but we only get to see people play the first single.