Friday, June 16, 2006

It's All About Access

Music biz insider Bob Lefsetz has occasional rants published on the Rhino Records site as the The Lefsetz Letter. He recently touched on some interesting points about YouTube:

Why should I bother to record the performances on these lame shows when I can find them INSTANTLY, on YouTube. Oh, they're there, just search for them.

They're not on (late shows) site(s). They're not on the record company site. But the FANS have captured them and placed them on YouTube. Doing the label's work FOR THEM!

You should be able to watch EVERY act on Letterman RIGHT AFTER IT'S AIRED! As many times as you would like. Almost none of the target audience is viewing when they're shown. You're spending all that money on travel, never mind makeup and hair and backup musicians. Why not get something for your buck. Why doesn't EMI announce EVERY TV APPEARANCE OF THEIR ACTS WILL NOW BE INSTANTLY AVAILABLE! SOMEWHERE!

: I was going to post something earlier in the week about KT Tunstall's Leno appearance earlier this week, but couldn't find it online because NBC has active lawyers who keep pretty much everything from the network off the web in what I assume is an effort to keep people watching tv. It's a bit frustrating given that every clip that surfaces on the web comes from someone shouting "you should be watching this" but I've never been a media executive so I wouldn't understand.
As for KT, who has a fanbase that leans towards anti-tech folk rockists, she took an interesting approach on her Leno appearance. It was just her, a guitar, a tambourine and a couple of stompbox samplers. Here's her approach on a different show:

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