Friday, May 15, 2009

Video: Pet Shop Boys "Did You See Me Coming?"

The second single pulled from Yes is a rather nice example of PSB hitting their electropop stride with a generous touch of Johnny Marr guitar added to the mix. The single package should be amazing as it features three b-sides (one of which is the current Popjustice song of the day), Stuart Price's PSB Brit Award medley and a number of remixes including one from Richard X. However for the official video they take the performance video approach playing the song in front of the large video screen. Why shouldn't they remake the "Minimal" video a couple of years later and take out the interesting bits?:

: Actually there is a really great part where Neil works the jazz hands routine for a couple of seconds. "Did You See Me Coming?" is out June 1st (please release it digitally Astralwerks) and has all the info you need to keep track of the various formats.


Jebb said...

I can't help thinking the correct order of singles is: Love Etc., All Around the World and Pandemonium.

Daft Monk said...
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Daft Monk said...

Oops typo. What I meant to say was sounds like a good run of singles to me. Thanks for stopping by Jebb it's always good to hear from you. Looking forward to your next post.