Friday, February 20, 2009

Video: Ladytron "Tomorrow"

Ladytron have spent so much time over the past few years proving they can rock it is easy to forget that they can write pretty songs too. "Tomorrow" is one of those tracks that got lost in the sonic sameness of Velocifero but it is stunner when given a little room to breathe. The video is rather fantastic mixing folksy and futuristic as only a Ladytron video should:

: "Tomorrow" is released as a single on March 3rd. Ladytron continue to promote Velocifero on the road touring North America with The Faint in April in what I hope will be billed as The Monsters Of Electro-Rock before joining Depeche Mode on their Tour Of The Universe in Europe. Visit their myspace for more info.


xolondon said...

This is just perfect. I think it should have been the first single and video.

Daft Monk said...

I think you are right on this one Stephen. Ladytron are one of those bands that often doesn't realize what it's true strengths are.