Monday, October 27, 2008

Video: The Killers "Human"

Brandon Flowers pitched "Human" to producer Stuart Price as "Johnny Cash meets the Pet Shop Boys". My endorsement will almost certainly be the death blow to The Killers domestic success but the perfect marriage of the band's (occasionally) brilliant songwriting to Stuart Price's precision tuned disco machine makes the song one of my musical highlights of the year. Love the unique take on the man/machine dynamic with the whole "human/dancer" lyric that has everyone in such a fuss although I can't help but think that Flowers could have avoided turning up on worst lyric lists by picking a less obscure quote to build a song around:

: Those who still doubt the song's brilliance should give this youtuber's piano version a listen.


the captain said...

the song is awesome and the video rocks. can't wait for day + age.


We were in Goblin valley in september when they make this video clip

For us it is a wonderfull remember

Patrick & Michèle from France