Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Everything You Touch

Interesting myspace message from Ladytron about this week's re-release of "Destroy Everything You Touch" in the UK:

Obviously most, if not all of you have got Destroy... already, but theres plenty of exclusive tracks in the package, and for those who don't understand why this is being re-released, there is a point to all this;
Those who were aware of the band 2 years ago, may remember when the UK label tried to bury this record. (a good example of why the major labels are sinking fast). Thankfully they failed, the music did its own work, and through word of mouth, loyal fans, and the band working hard touring all over the world, Witching Hour ended up being the bands biggest album to date.

But this is one last chance to show people in the UK, where the band began, what a album it is, while they're busy, locked up in Paris recording their new record. So if you want to support this, try and snag a destroy, download mix, 7" or CD this week. Thanks a lot.

: Stop by 7digital to stream full length samples of the new "Destroy Everything You Touch" remixes from Hot Chip, Vector Lovers and Playgroup.

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